Sweet & Lovely

by Sia-Love

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Follow your dreams. Protect the children. And remember to enjoy sweet, sensuous love. These the themes of Sia-Love's debut EP. She challenges the mainstream musical norm with both the content of her lyrics and the quality of her sound. She appeals to those who expect more from music.


released July 15, 2014

All songs written and performed by Sia-Love
Backup vocals: Ajuana Black and Erika D. Lawrence
Guitars and all other instruments: David Goodlett
Percussions: Kele Nitoto
Production: David Goodlett
Mixed and Mastered by Reto Peter
Recorded at Hetep Studios, Oakland
Executive Producer, Sia-Love
ASCAP Meres-Sia Music


all rights reserved



Sia-Love Oakland, California

Cosmopolitan and beautifully untamed, Sia- Love defies expectation. Lyrics steeped in fusions of world, hip-hop, and jazz Sia-Love's sound is classic and timeless.

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Track Name: Bliss
Do you know
where you’re going to?
Have you ever
loved a thing
so much it was hurting you?
Have you ever
turned your back
on your bliss
tho’ you wanted to
lift up its face and embrace it
like lovers do?

I look around
and I see things that remind me
if I don’t live it now
one day my life will be behind me
and the gifts that I said
I would leave for the children
will just be broken promises
I doubt I’ll be forgiven

So I'm gon' keep writing 
'til i reach my grave
poetic compositions
like sermons on Sundays
try to stop me, I won't listen
like a slave
Imma runaway
I found somthin' I love
now Imma hold on
and make it stay

I gon' keep writing
and this bliss will stay
Bliss like the first kiss
my first lover gave
just like the first time
that first love was made
These things are gone
like waves washed away.
But I'll keep on writing so this bliss will stay

My words are glyphs
like symbols in caves
the last thing you’ll find
when all memories fade

Time won’t erase
these words I recite
so deep from the heart
so dark in the night
I keep this in mind
my soul and my sight

Time is a myth
entangled in lies
we are the gifts
Eternal, Divine
You are the blessing
I am the bliss
We are the dreams that Hollywood missed
when it made those fake things
for us to believe in
got me working so hard
I cant hardly believe in
the truths I once knew
now my life has no meanin’

But nothing ignites the soul
like a flame
mystical lyricals heal
the deepest of pain
I submit to The One
who is known by many names
don’t ask how I got here
just know that I came
and I'll keep on writing
'til I reach my grave

With their calendars, clocks, and watches
they try
to constrain and constrict us
but you are like I
a twine in the rope of the ancestors’ line
a shift in thought
a new paradigm

You are like I
a Transcender of time
a Surpasser of limits
a Master of minds
I'll write my dreams all over these walls
scribble on napkins
and leaves when they fall
when Babylon crumbles
Imma leave when it falls
but until the time comes
I'm gon' answer to the call

And all of their lies
we can burn them to ash
blow past the cinders of spells thats been cast
set free the children
and tell them at last
who they are now is a wish from the past

Some try to confuse us
and keep us enchained
I’ll never change
It’s too late to behave
I’ll keep on writing
until this bliss fades
until there are no more words
and there’s nothing left to say
Until God don’t exist
and there’s no one left to pray
Until my last breath is
the wind that blows itself away

I’ll keep on writing and this bliss will stay
Bliss like the first kiss
my first lover gave
Just like the first time
that first love was made
These things are gone
like waves washed away, but
I'll keep on writing
this bliss will stay
Track Name: Sweet & Lovely
He’s sweet and he’s lovely
Him so sweet and him love me
He’s sweet and he's lovely
Him so sweet and him love me

I like the way he caress me
The way he bring out the best in me
He call my name so affectionately
This kind of love is so necessary

Il est bien et il m’aime
Il est à moi et je l’aime
Il m’adore comme sa reine
Il m’appelle une sirène

Oo, he call me MamiWata
Then he protect me like a daughter
He give me the space when I need
He treats me royally
He should know ‘cause he a king
This love is pure and it’s clean

He’s sweet and he love me
Him so sweet and him love me
He’s sweet and he's lovely
Him so sweet and him love me

He smile like flowers in bloom
Smell like frankincence too
And every little thing I do
He think I’m just so cute

mon cheri, mon dou dou
Il dit: <<mwen aimes you>>
et quand je suis loin
il dit: <<ou ka manché mwen>>

For some, love has been kind
for me, it’s been hard to find
or maybe just hard to keep
but this time love's for me
when we fuss we still respect
when we make up, you know what’s next

He’s sweet and he’s lovely
Him so sweet and him love me
He’s sweet and he's lovely
Him so sweet and him love me

Some I see full of pretense
They act in love, but they pretend
Flaunt and throw they love around
but how they act, no one's around?

Are they still sweet and tender?
When she speaks does he hear her?
When he needs, does she support him?
So he can know his love’s important?
it’s what you do behind closed doors
that really makes this thing yours
Mine is so sweet and tender
Him so good I surrender

He's sweet [and he's lovely]
Him so sweet [and him love me]
He's sweet [and he's lovely]
Him sweet [and him love me ]

Il me prend dans ses bras
comme lui il n'y en a pas
je lui dit: <<t'en fais pas
car je t'aime oh là là>>

He's sweet and he's lovely
Him so sweet and him love me
Ahh so sweet and so lovely
mmm sweet and him love me
Track Name: It's Complex
The industrial media complex
gives little black girls a complex
It’s hard to explain
it’s complex
it’s not just music
it’s context

Cuz pimps don’t take vacations
they hustle on streets
and your local radio stations
while rappers instruct on fallation
Lil’ Deja sing along as if under sedation
childhood lost
in hypermasculine imaginations

In any other situation
this would be
child pornography
or child exploitation
with lyrical sodomy
It’s the FM version
but I still cringe inside of me
they undress my femininity
like there’s no soul inside of me

and we dance to the assault
accessories to the crime
while radios are programming
music and our minds


When Tiffany sees mirrors
there’s a vacancy
she only sees a body
that she’s learning
to use enticingly

She’s 10

But kids are grown these days
she got a phone and a facebook
and the Electromagnetic waves
are morphing her identity
to fit inside a tv screen
to fit inside the image of
a weak MC’s rhyme scheme
filled with auditory fallacies
of what a woman ought to be
and likely
he doesn't like
women actually
he just wants to destroy and
incarnate them gradually

In this neo-American slavery
the Tiffanys and the Dejas
are taught that they are the sum
of their sexual stimulation
mama will preach to them but they run
into the same old situation
cuz pimps don’t take vacations
they hustle on streets and radio stations

And this wicked industrial complex
has target our girls from the onset
of all the sex trafficking victims
40 percent got black in them
I am the bringer of life from the heavans
and I still can’t escape the sexism

Like false prophets
and all that nonsense
they paint fake portraits of us
for their profits
the world sees us through
their eyes as an object

But our minds are vast like the ocean
our beauty is complete as we are
while they chant all that noise and commotion
our presence shines bright from afar

Together we’ll walk through the fire
we’ll make of the smoke our shield
and this dirty media complex
will burn to death at our heels

The brothers who love us
will join us
and their love will
protect and support us

We’ll bask in our own divinity
like sunlight and sunrays
and someday , they’ll all say
that woman is the door
to experience...

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